ST 288

Tests of Campbell Scientific fuel moisture and fuel temperature sensors at LWF forest climate stations to monitor forest fire danger in Bavaria

Difficulties following the launch of the novel forest fire danger index WBI and the occurrence of major forest fires during unusual seasons (very early spring and late autumn) have shown that measuring the moisture content of relevant fuels can be a helpful mean to adjust and fine tune existing fire danger indices, to assess regional or stand specific fire danger as well as fire danger itself operationally.

In the framework of the project ST288 „forest fire danger measuring method“, Campbell Scientific fuel moisture and fuel temperature sensors are tested at two sites in the field (forest climate stations Freising and Altdorf of the Bavarian State Forest Research Institute, LWF), in a climate chamber as well as in ignition experiments. The points to be investigated include the value of these measurements concerning potential ignitability, their relationship with litter moisture and fire danger, their long-term stability as well as their applicability to the long-term, automated monitoring at the LWF forest climate stations.

Contact person:

Christian Schunk


01.11.2012 - 31.12.2013


Bavarian State Forest Research Institute (LWF)
Forest fire danger index WBI of the German Weather Service (DWD)