SFB 607 - Subproject B2

Control of space occupation and space exploitation by photomorphogenetic relevant radiation properties

The growth of trees and the interspecific competition among species - here: beech and spruce trees - depend, besides meteorological conditions and the availability of water and nutrients, largely upon the spatial and spectral distribution of radiation within the stand. Their space-time dynamics is investigated within SFB-607 under both ambient as well as enhanced (2x ambient up to 150 ppb maximum) ozone regimes. In Project B2 the variability of microclimate, radiation and ozone distribution are monitored with respect to time and space, and their influence on growth, space sequestriation and competition is investigated.

Contact person:

Christian Hertel, Dr. Michael Leuchner


2007 - 2010


SFB 607
Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft