M029 - Analogous climates as a tool for climate change adaptation strategies - funded by the Bavarian Ministry for food, agriculture and forestry


Climate change confronts Bavarian foresters with new challenges. Due to long rotation periods (80 years) foresters have to design the forest of the future today. In this context tree species have to be identified which are able to cope with future climatic conditions of Bavaria and such which under changed climate conditions are exposed to high loss risk due to extreme events (drought, calamities).

The project M029 funded by the Bavarian State Ministry for Food, Agriculture, and Forestry seeks to give an answer to this question. Based on climate projections of different scenarios, the climatic conditions projected for the end of the 21st century are quantified. At the same, locations are identified where these climatic conditions are recently realized (so-called climate analogues). Analyzing tree species which at current are grown in these locations in combination with the associated forestry methods, allows the conception of adaptation strategies serving Bavarian foresters to prepare Bavarian forests for climate change by selection of specific tree species


Contact person:

Dr. Allan Buras


2015 - 2018