ALP FFIRS (Alpine Forest Fire Warning System)

The forest fire danger prediction for the alpine forest heritage conservancy

The project (6 nations, 14 public institutions) is sponsored by the EU and aims to improve forest fire prevention under a changing climate in the Alpine Space, by creating a shared warning system based on weather conditions. The fire regime at any given location is the result of complex interactions between fuels, social issues, topography, ignitions and weather conditions. The analysis of fires frequency and distribution will allow to model forest fire danger in the alpine region. The definition of a univocal Alpine Forest Fire Danger Scale will support the interpretation of danger thresholds as enhancement of emergency plans and operational procedures. Due to the debate on climate change, forest fires as potential disturbance have become an issue in the Alpine region over the last decade. An Alpine network on forest fire impact mitigation will be assembled reflecting common policies in risk prevention management, by fostering mutual aid in prevention, prepardeness and suppression procedures.

Contact person:

Dr. Clemens Wastl


2009 - 2012


Alpine Space Programme