Synthesis-Information-Citizen Science Portal
for Climate Change Research and Science Communication in Bavaria


The anthropogenically intensified climate change has long since reached us and, due to its far-reaching consequences, extensive adaptation and climate protection measures are and will be necessary in Bavaria in the future.
Only if these measures are considered legitimate, acceptable and feasible by the citizens can they be successfully put into practice in a democratic society.

Therefore, the BAYSICS project is aimed specifically at citizens. It has the motto:

"Communicating knowledge - promoting perception - communicating complexity"

Thus the new BAYSICS portal follows the Citizen Science approach. The climate change is to be made perceptible by own observations in nature in the concrete environment. Selected target groups will be addressed. For example:

  • recreation seekers
  • pollen allergy sufferers
  • citizens and pupils interested in nature

In addition, BAYSICS intends to create opportunities beyond mere observations to actively involve citizens as scientists in the study of the impacts of climate change.

In particular, the close entanglement of scientific questions with those of didactics and environmental sociology, based on empirical, experimental and theoretical approaches, creates an attractive offer for user groups. At the same time, this generates relevant knowledge on climate impacts, adaptation and protection using modern crowdsourcing techniques.

BAYSICS thus enables innovative, digital forms of broad participation of citizens in current research topics and science, the transfer of knowledge on the complexity of climate change and its regional consequences in society, and the combination of scientific and environmental goals.

Close cooperation with international partners as well as national and regional stakeholders from the fields of environmental education, schools and teacher training is pursued. In addition, the joint project cooperates closely with NGOs, authorities and companies.

Thanks to its open structure, BAYSICS will be available to all bayklif projects and other Citizen Science approaches in Bavaria on a long-term and sustainable basis.


This project is funded by the Bayerischen Staatsministerium für Bildung und Kultus, Wissenschaft und Kunst.


Alissa Lüpke, Simon Kloos, Prof. Dr. Annette Menzel



05/2018 - 05/2023