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30.11.2021 14:47 Alter: 59 days

Master thesis in late frost project - Start January 2022

Late frost risk of native and future alternative tree species / provenances


Late-spring frosts which are characterized by below-freezing temperatures in late spring, are among the most critical extreme events in temperate regions. Trees are highly resistant to below?freezing temperatures during the dormancy in winter, however during the active growth, the sensitive tissues of trees are highly vulnerable. Tissue damage induced by late spring frosts greatly affects growth, competitive ability, and distributional limits of trees.



The project consists of experimental work, where collected twigs from several tree species will be forced to leaf out in climate chambers, phenological development has to be observed, various stages of leaf development will be treated with different freezing temperatures to test the freezing risk and tolerance of different tree species at different phenological stages. The collected data has to be processed and statistically analyzed. The outcome of the thesis will help to understand the native and alternative tree species’ late frost risk, and support the development of late frost risk maps for Bavarian forests.


Priority will be given to students who have the following qualifications:

  •  Bachelor/experience in Forestry / Biology
  •  Good knowledge of English


 The thesis should be written in English.


Starting date: from now till latest 15th January 2022

In case you are interested, send your cv to yahya.ghalayini [at] tum.de