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Master thesis

Freising forest twins in different climate change scenarios

Figure 1: the red and blue areas are the most similar to Freising when considering historical climate conditions (left) and future climate conditions within the RCP 4.5 scenario (right). Click the image to enlarge.


Climate change threatens the future of world forests, particularly by affecting tree mortality, species distribution, and forests composition. Therefore, foresters and policymakers need to adapt their management strategies and create climate-smart forests with tree species that are more resilient in the face of the anticipated changes.



We identified “twin” locations that share the same climatological properties of Freising. These locations are called “climate analogs”, and exist on different continents (Europe, North America, and East Asia. See figure). Furthermore, the locations of these climate analogs shift depending on the considered climate change scenarios. The final aim is to come up with recommendations of tree species that are suitable for the future climate of the forest in Freising/Bavaria, by studying the forest state at these locations.


Main tasks

  • give a detailed overview of the tree species within the given locations, based on the published literature and datasets (tree species distribution maps),
  • assess the species importance and health indicators (when possible).



Priority will be given to students who have one or more of the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor/experience in forestry.
  • Basic skills in data analytics (such as R).


The thesis should be written in English.

In case you are interested, send your cv to ghada[at]wzw.tum.de

The application deadline is the end of August. However, you are encouraged to apply and start as soon as possible.