Status und Werkzeuge


  • BAYSICS - Synthesis-Information-Citizen Science Portal for Climate Change Research and Science Communication in Bavaria

  • CSC-CO2 - Development of data selection method for atmospheric CO2 measurements in Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) network.

  • DAAD-Rain - Rain microstructure variation with general weather circulation in Bavaria

  • - Extreme Event Ecology (ERC Starting Grant 282250)

  • LandKlif - Effects of climate change on biodiversity and ecosystem services in semi-natural, agricultural and urban landscapes and strategies for management of climate change 

  • MICMoR Pollen - Influence of climate change and management on pollen production and allergenicity of grasses

  • UFS - Apportionment of anthropogenic and biogenic sources of trace gases at the Environmental Research Station Schneefernerhaus

  • VAO I/II - Virtual Alpine Observatory

  • WIKLIGE - Influence of extreme weather events in climate change on human health