Status und Werkzeuge


  • DMSAM-IGSSE - Drought modeling and monitoring by novel statistical and analytical methods

  • - Extreme Event Ecology (ERC Starting Grant 282250)

  • FOG NET - Fog net project – scientific support for the test collector in Morocco

  • IAS-CLIMVASION - Competitive ability of invasive plant species and climate change

  • IDEEC-IGSSE - Evaluating the impact of drought on forest dieback in Europe and western Canada

  • KLIMAGRAD - Impact of Climate Change in the Alps – measurements along altitudinal gradients - completion of the gradients and integration of alpine botanical gardens in Europe

  • M029 - Analogous climates as a tool for climate change adaptation strategies - funded by the Bavarian Ministry for food, agriculture and forestry

  • MARGINS - Specification of threshold values for cultivation of tree species facing climate change using marginal occurrences (MARGINS)

  • SEASON - Variations in Seasonality in the Bavarian Forest National Park

  • UFS - Apportionment of anthropogenic and biogenic sources of trace gases at the Environmental Research Station Schneefernerhaus

  • VAO I/II - Virtual Alpine Observatory