Status und Werkzeuge


  • ALP FFIRS - The forest fire danger prediction for the alpine forest heritage conservancy

  • BEECH-EYE - Growing season changes under climate warming – adaptive (genetic) traits of understory, natural regeneration and canopy in spring and autumn

  • CLIVAR-Hydro - Signals of Climate Variability in Continental Hydrology

  • KLIMAGRAD I - Impacts of Climate Change in the Alps – measurements along altitudinal gradients
  • FORKAST - Ecological impacts of changes in phenology on the vegetation of Bavaria in the course of global climate change

  • KLIP 8 - Assessment of the current and future forest fire danger in Bavaria by means of M-68 fire danger index, regarding increasing drought, changing phenology of ground vegetation and forest stocking

  • KLIP 10 - Trees in an extreme future - Statistics of extreme values and distribution simulation as well as impacts of climate extremes

  • IAS-HISTORICAL - Acquisition and analysis of unexploited datasets suitable for the detection of the impacts of environmental change

  • IAS-SIGMOID - Detection of nonlinearities in temperature responses in phenology using European time series

  • LORTON - Long-range transport of nutrients into the mountainous forest of southern Ecuador

  • SFB 607/B2 - Control of space occupation and space exploitation by photomorphogenetic relevant radiation properties

  • ST 288 - Tests of Campbell Scientific fuel moisture and fuel temperature sensors at LWF forest climate stations to monitor forest fire danger in Bavaria

  • U 119 - Impacts of Climate on Pollen Season and Distribution in the Alpine Region

  • URBAN - Environmental responses of phenology to recent climate change and urbanization

  • WHO - Development of a proposal for indicators on air-borne pollen / allergen exposure and climate change